Boost UP Your Vocabulary: Top 100 words Start with A.

 Here are the 100 most important words starting with the letter A, along with their English and Hindi meanings to boost up your vocabulary:

1. Abandon-

English Meaning: To leave behind or give up

Hindi Meaning: छोड़ देना

2. Abate-

English Meaning: To lessen in amount or intensity

Hindi Meaning: कम होना

3. Abdicate-

English Meaning: To give up power or responsibility

Hindi Meaning: त्याग देना

4. Abhor-

English Meaning: To hate or loathe intensely

Hindi Meaning: घृणा करना

5. Ability-

English Meaning: The power or skill to do something

Hindi Meaning: क्षमता

6. Ablaze-

English Meaning: On fire, burning

Hindi Meaning: जलता हुआ

7. Abridge-

English Meaning: To shorten or condense

Hindi Meaning: संक्षिप्त करना

8. Absolute-

English Meaning: Complete, unconditional

Hindi Meaning: पूर्ण

9. Abstain-

English Meaning: To refrain from, avoid

Hindi Meaning: बचना

10. Abundance-

English Meaning: A large quantity of something

Hindi Meaning: प्रचुरता

11. Accept-

English Meaning: To receive willingly

Hindi Meaning: स्वीकार करना

12. Access-

English Meaning: The ability or right to enter or use something

Hindi Meaning: पहुँच

13. Accomplish-

English Meaning: To complete or achieve

Hindi Meaning: पूरा करना

14. Accord-

English Meaning: To give or grant

Hindi Meaning: अनुमति देना

15. Account-

English Meaning: A record or statement of financial transactions

Hindi Meaning: खाता

16. Accuracy-

English Meaning: The quality of being precise or exact

Hindi Meaning: सटीकता

17. Accuse-

English Meaning: To charge with a crime or wrongdoing

Hindi Meaning: आरोप लगाना

18. Achieve-

English Meaning: To successfully complete or attain

Hindi Meaning: प्राप्त करना

19. Acquire-

English Meaning: To obtain or gain possession of

Hindi Meaning: प्राप्त करना

20. Action-

English Meaning: Something done or performed

Hindi Meaning: कार्य

21. Active-

English Meaning: Engaged in physical or mental activity

Hindi Meaning: सक्रिय

22. Actual-

English Meaning: Existing in fact, real

Hindi Meaning: वास्तविक

23. Adapt-

English Meaning: To adjust or modify for a new use or purpose

Hindi Meaning: अनुकूलित करना

24. Add-

English Meaning: To combine two or more things

Hindi Meaning: जोड़ना

25. Admire-

English Meaning: To respect or appreciate greatly

Hindi Meaning: प्रशंसा करना

26. Admit-

English Meaning: To allow to enter or acknowledge

Hindi Meaning: स्वीकार करना

27. Adult-

English Meaning: A person who has reached maturity

Hindi Meaning: वयस्क

28. Advance-

English Meaning: To move forward or progress

Hindi Meaning: आगे बढ़ना

29. Adventure-

English Meaning: An exciting or unusual experience

Hindi Meaning: साहसिक कार्य

30. Adversary-

English Meaning: An opponent or enemy

Hindi Meaning: विरोधी

31. Advertise-

English Meaning: To promote or make known publicly

Hindi Meaning: विज्ञापन करना

32. Advocate-

English Meaning: To support or recommend publicly

Hindi Meaning: पक्षपाती

33. Aesthetic-

English Meaning: Relating to beauty or artistic appreciation

Hindi Meaning: सौंदर्य

34. Affair-

English Meaning: An event or situation

Hindi Meaning: संबंध

35. Affection-

English Meaning: A feeling of love or fondness

Hindi Meaning: प्रेम

36. Affirm-

English Meaning: To state or assert positively

Hindi Meaning: स्थापित करना

37. Afford-

English Meaning: To be able to buy or pay for something

Hindi Meaning: संभव होना

38. Age-

English Meaning: The length of time a person has lived

Hindi Meaning: उम्र

39. Aggravate-

English Meaning: To make worse or more severe

Hindi Meaning: बढ़ाना

40. Agile-

English Meaning: Quick and light in movement or thought

Hindi Meaning: फुरतीला

41. Aim-

English Meaning: To point or direct at a target

Hindi Meaning: लक्ष्य

42.  Air-

English Meaning: The mixture of gases we breathe

Hindi Meaning: हवा

43. Alarming-

English Meaning: Causing fear or concern

Hindi Meaning: चौंकाने वाला

44. Alert-

English Meaning: Watchful and ready for action

Hindi Meaning: चौकन्ना

45. Alienate-

English Meaning: To cause to feel isolated or estranged

Hindi Meaning: अलग करना

46. Align-

English Meaning: To bring into line or agreement

Hindi Meaning: संरेखित करना

47. Allegiance-

English Meaning: Loyalty or devotion to a person or cause

Hindi Meaning: निष्ठा

48. Allocate-

English Meaning: To distribute or assign for a specific purpose

Hindi Meaning: आवंटित करना

49. Allow-

English Meaning: To permit or give permission

Hindi Meaning: अनुमति देना

50. Allure-

English Meaning: To attract or entice with something desirable

Hindi Meaning: मोहित करना

51. Ally-

English Meaning: A friend or partner in a common cause

Hindi Meaning: सहयोगी

52. Alone-

English Meaning: Without anyone else

Hindi Meaning: अकेला

53. Alter-

English Meaning: To change or modify

Hindi Meaning: बदलना

54. Altruism-

English Meaning: Selfless concern for the welfare of others

Hindi Meaning: उदारता

55. Ambiguous-

English Meaning: Open to more than one interpretation

Hindi Meaning: अस्पष्ट

56. Ambition-

English Meaning: A strong desire to achieve something

Hindi Meaning: महत्वाकांक्षा

57. Amuse-

English Meaning: To entertain or make someone laugh

Hindi Meaning: मनोरंजन करना

58. Analysis-

English Meaning: Detailed examination of something

Hindi Meaning: विश्लेषण

59. Ancestor-

English Meaning: A person from whom one is descended

Hindi Meaning: पूर्वज

60. Anger-

English Meaning: A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility

Hindi Meaning: गुस्सा

61. Angle-

English Meaning: A geometric figure formed by two lines meeting at a point

Hindi Meaning: कोण

62. Animosity-

English Meaning: Strong hostility or hatred

Hindi Meaning: वैर

67. Ankle-

English Meaning: The joint connecting the foot and the leg

Hindi Meaning: टखना

68. Announce-

English Meaning: To make a public or official statement

Hindi Meaning: घोषणा करना

68. Annoy-

English Meaning: To irritate or bother someone

Hindi Meaning: परेशान करना

69. Annual-

English Meaning: Occurring once a year

Hindi Meaning: वार्षिक

70. Anonymous-

English Meaning: Having an unknown or undisclosed name

Hindi Meaning: गुमनाम

71. Answer-

English Meaning: A response to a question or statement

Hindi Meaning: जवाब

72. Antagonize-

English Meaning: To cause hostility or opposition

Hindi Meaning: विरोध करना

73. Anticipate-

English Meaning: To expect or look forward to

Hindi Meaning: आशा करना

74. Anxiety-

English Meaning: A feeling of worry or nervousness

Hindi Meaning: चिंता

75. Apathy-

English Meaning: Lack of interest or emotion

Hindi Meaning: उदासीनता

76. Apologize-

English Meaning: To express regret or say sorry

Hindi Meaning: माफी मांगना

77. Apparent-

English Meaning: Clearly visible or understood

Hindi Meaning: स्पष्ट

78. Appeal-

English Meaning: To make a request or plea

Hindi Meaning: अपील करना

79. Appearance-

English Meaning: The way something looks or seems

Hindi Meaning: दिखावा

80. Appreciate-

English Meaning: To recognize the value or worth of something

Hindi Meaning: मूल्यांकन करना

81. Approach-

English Meaning: To come closer to something or someone

Hindi Meaning: पास जाना

82. Approval-

English Meaning: Agreement or consent

Hindi Meaning: स्वीकृति

83. Arouse-

English Meaning: To awaken or stimulate

Hindi Meaning: उत्तेजित करना

84. Arrange-

English Meaning: To put things in order or organize

Hindi Meaning: व्यवस्था करना

85. Arrogance-

English Meaning: Excessive pride or self-importance

Hindi Meaning: अहंकार

86. Articulate-

English Meaning: To express oneself clearly and effectively

Hindi Meaning: स्पष्ट व्यक्त करना

87. Ascend-

English Meaning: To go up or climb

Hindi Meaning: चढ़ना

88. Ashamed-

English Meaning: Feeling embarrassed or guilty

Hindi Meaning: शर्मिंदा

89. Aspect-

English Meaning: A particular feature or part of something

Hindi Meaning: पहलू

90. Aspire-

English Meaning: To have a strong desire or ambition

Hindi Meaning: इच्छा रखना

91. Assess-

English Meaning: To evaluate or judge the value or quality of something

Hindi Meaning: मूल्यांकन करना

92. Assign-

English Meaning: To give a task or duty to someone

Hindi Meaning: नियत करना

93. Assist-

English Meaning: To help or support someone

Hindi Meaning: सहायता करना

94. Associate-

English Meaning: To connect or link things together

Hindi Meaning: संबंधित

95. Assume-

English Meaning: To take for granted or suppose

Hindi Meaning: मान लेना

96. Assure-

English Meaning: To promise or guarantee

Hindi Meaning: आश्वस्त करना

97. Astonish-

English Meaning: To surprise or amaze

Hindi Meaning: आश्चर्यचकित करना

98. Attach-

English Meaning: To connect or fasten something to another thing

Hindi Meaning: जोड़ना

99. Attack-

English Meaning: To assault or aggressively engage

Hindi Meaning: हमला करना

100. Attempt-

English Meaning: To make an effort or try to do something

Hindi Meaning: प्रयास करना

101. Attend-

English Meaning: To be present at an event or gathering

Hindi Meaning: उपस्थित होना

102. Attract-

English Meaning: To draw or pull something towards oneself

Hindi Meaning: आकर्षित

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